FAQ – leighvalentineskincare.com


1. Do the products have a “cumulative effect” where when I use them they make me look better over time? 

Absolutely! Because they are clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles up to 80% in 30 days … We find the more you  use  the products daily the better you the results.  You will GLOW WITH CONFIDENCE! 


2. How did Leigh pick the ingredients for her nonsurgical facelift kit?  

I started with all fresh and natural ingredients to rejuvenate the skin. This is still my motto!  Natural fruit acids and cutting edge plant extracts. 


3. Is everything natural? 

Yes our products are natural. But we do you like to maintain shelf life with the best Preservative so that we never have any toxins or mold in our products. 


4. Are the ingredients safe? 

Absolutely. We have extremely low return rates because the product really works and even those with sensitive skin enjoy the benefits of this great skincare!  Contains aloe Vera.   


5. Will the product work?

The mask if applied correctly once a week will give you the dramatic effects you’ve always longed for. Then daily use your Valentine serum and Skin Renewal Booster to maintain results


6. How do I know I am getting 100%, authentic, Leigh Valentine product?

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